How you doin’? 

Like, for real, don’t sugarcoat it, how are you?

My stock answer has been, “Living the dream.” In reality, we’ve been living in this covid nightmare far too long. And it’s only getting worse. 

This constant anxiety is taking a toll. Caring for a loved one with a disability without the support and village we need for this long is taking a toll. Who knew that that light at the end of the tunnel we saw in the spring was just a quick break in the sun before entering another, darker, deeper, scarier tunnel?

We hear about how important it is to fill your own cup constantly. But what if your cup broken? We’ve been at this bizarre way of life for so long that trying to feel whole is like patching a broken dam with chewing gum. 

That’s why the Center for Family Involvement is launching another cheer on. Perhaps you’ve heard of the #75hard? This is a 75-day challenge you’ll see all over social media. Participants must do the following every day: drink a gallon of water, work out twice a day for 45 minutes, follow a diet, take a selfie, read 10 pages of a self-help book. If you mess up, you start over. It is a mental toughness challenge. 

The last thing any of us need right now are more challenges. Life provides plenty. But most of us could use a little help undoing some of the damage this pandemic has done to our minds, bodies, and spirt. 

#90nourish is just that. The CFI has created some guidelines to help us feel better and restore our resilience – both physical and emotional. This challenge, cheer on, whatever you want to call it is meant to be tailored to whatever YOU need most. Maybe you’ve been drinking too much alcohol, or not drinking enough water, or you’ve put on some weight, or you’re spending too much time online. 

Hashtag us on social media and follow along. Let’s have fun with it as we start, get back to, or improve on some healthy living habits.


MOVE: Move your body for one hour a day. Try to make part of it outside. This can be intentional exercise, a walk, gardening, swimming, stretching, whatever. Just move.

EAT: Change one or two things. Either stop eating something that makes you feel bad and/or start eating something that makes you feel good. For example, lay off your hidden chocolate stash and/or eat an extra serving of vegetables each day. 

WATER: Water is essential to life. It energizes us. Aim for 100 oz a day. 

BREATHING: Spend two minutes a day practicing deep breathing techniques.

POSITIVITY: Compliment someone, leave a kind comment on social media. A daily act of kindness, however small, can make a world of difference for others and ourselves.

CONNECTION: Emotional connection is critical to our wellbeing. Text, call, or email someone you adore at least once a week.

DO YOU DAILY: Make sure you do something for yourself every single day: read, write, walk, get up early to have your coffee in silence, stay up late and watch a favorite show.

SLEEP: Sleep makes everything better. A solid night of Zzzzzz isn’t possible for all of us. If you are exhausted and it’s possible to take a nap or retreat to bed early – do it. It’s OK to let other things go.

DO SOMETHING SELFISH EVERY WEEK: Get a pedicure, sleep in, go for a solo hike, grab coffee with a friend, watch a movie YOU want to see, hide in your closet and scroll on your phone. Do whatever you can to find some me time.

SPLURGE: Silently sock away a dollar or 5 every single day. At the end of #90nourish you’ll have anywhere between $90 to $450 to spend on whatever you want. Start dreaming of those overpriced shoes or a spa day or a weekend away. 

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