Genetics Lecture Series

Resource: GEMSS – Genetics Education Materials for School Success

Lecture 1 – Introduction

Genetics is a complicated study of science that is gaining importance in the medical field. Sadly, there are not many easy points of entry, but we hope to change that with this introductory lecture series. We hope you will join us as we learn about this field so you can not only understand its importance but empower you to be able to talk to medical professionals about genetics. This first lecture covers many of the basic components of genetics, from what DNA is to how genes work at a basic level.

Lecture 2 – Inheritance

Genetics is complicated, so let’s keep diving in and unpacking it. This week’s recorded lecture is talking about inheritance and how we track genetic disorders. We will even cover how to start gathering your family’s medical history so professionals can help understand where trends exist. Join us for our second lecture!

Lecture 3 – Reading DNA and Understanding Mutations

This lecture focuses on how we read DNA and gives examples of different kinds of mutations. Join us for this third lecture that helps demystify genetics, so you are better prepared when your doctor talks with you about this important subject.

Lecture 4 – Differences in Disorders and Challenges

This lecture focuses on differences within genetic disorders. Why do some disorders like Cystic Fibrosis seem so understood, while others like Autism continue to be misunderstood? Join us to learn about the difference between monogenic disorders and multifactorial disorders, along with how they impact the world of research and drug discovery.

Lecture 5 – Direct-to-Consumer Testing

With genetics being such a complicated field, great options have become available through private companies that offer Direct-to-Consumer Testing! But what exactly is it? What are the positives of this kind of genetic testing and what are the negatives? Join us for this lecture to learn about what makes these kinds of services so intriguing.

Lecture 6 – Building Pedigrees

One of the most important things to do in preparation for meeting with a healthcare professional, particularly in relation to genetics, is creating your pedigree. However, pedigrees can be a nightmare to make if you don’t know all of the rules or understand how the rules vary in certain conditions. How do we understand twins? How do we explain cousins? What about half-siblings? This week’s lecture will cover all of that and more, so we hope you enjoy!

 Lecture 7 – Pop Culture

Genetics isn’t always the most commonly mentioned topic in film and TV. But the real question is when it’s mentioned, do they have the facts right? Join us for this week’s lecture where we look at two popular films that focused on genetics and see what they got right and wrong!

 Lecture 8 – Conclusion

The finale of our genetics lecture series comes with an example to walk through what we have learned over the series. When you believe that there is risk of a genetic condition in your family and you don’t know what to do, where do you turn? Is there a way to understand all this information so that you will be able to use it when you talk to your doctor? This last lecture will cover exactly that, as well as revisit some of the material we’ve covered. Join us for the conclusion!