The I’m Determined! project focuses on increasing self-determination skills of students with disabilities in public schools across Virginia. The cornerstone of I’m Determined! is its annual two day June summit at James Madison University.

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The I’m Determined! Youth Summit was developed for students ages 13 through 21. It is a state-directed project funded by the Virginia Department of Education. Each year’s summit adopts a theme which the events and presentations are based on. I’m Determined typically focuses on school, supporting families, community life, self-advocacy, leadership, healthcare, employment, college, and so much more. Once accepted through the application process, students attend with their parents; staying in dorm rooms at JMU.

The Center for Family Involvement has hosted the Parent Summit of I’m Determined! since 2007. The CFI prides itself on supporting families as their children enter the transition phase of their school years. We started with around 40 parents and have grown into a popular event bustling with more than 125 families. Parents look forward to meeting other families and watching their children blossom as they all gain information and confidence.

For more information and to apply, visit I’m Determined!‘s page.