It’s the most wonderful time of the year … to recognize those UNSUNG HEROES in our lives. Who are yours?

Graphic with black background that reads: 
Who is your... Unsung Hero
Jen's Story. 
Images of super hero with Center for Family Involvement Logo. The words "unsung hero" in comic book cloud with orange behind it. Bottom left is a super hero mask with the words Thank you... Dr. Carroll over it. Bottom right is a picture of Jen with a heart at the bottom of the photo.

Our Family to Family Regional Network Coordinator for Northern Virginia shares:

“I sing about this hero all the time but she deserves more praise. Dr. Maura Carroll, my daughter’s pediatrician, is one of a kind. She has been with us through so much. We didn’t come to her until my daughter’s 2 year well visit. The first appointment I knew she was something special. She sat and let me tell her the whole story of my daughter’s life, medical diagnosis, specialists we’d already seen, hospital stays, etc. It was a good 30 minutes of me yapping on. After our appointment she actually called my daughter’s neurologist and got his side of the story so she could connect the science with the family’s story. There are many other times she’s been there when we needed her and there aren’t enough words to say thank you.”