The Center for Family Involvement team is made up of people with disabilities, parents, siblings, other family members and professionals. All of us have advocated, mentored and taken leadership roles in support of people with disabilities leading the lives they want for themselves.

We know that getting good, unbiased information is the first step in playing this supporting role. Training also helps each of us to do our best as advocates, mentors and leaders.

Please join us at the CFI in creating a place where people with disabilities, parents, family members and professionals can go to get the information, training and support they need.


Valerie Abbott: 1-3-6 Family Educator

Cheryl Bishop
Cheryl Bishop: CFI Administrative and Product Support Specialist

Patrice Beard: Mental Health/Data Integration Specialist (804) 828-6967

Nickie Brandenburger: Co-Director, CFI and Director, Family to Family Network of Virginia (804) 827-8770

Joan Brunner: F2F of Virginia Regional Network Coordinator – Hampton Roads (877) 567-1122

Mauretta Copeland: Cultural Broker – African-American Community (804) 827-0423

Erin Croyle: Communication & Social Media Specialist

Norma Draper: Elderhood and Aging Families Specialist

Amel Ibrahim: Cultural Broker – Refugee Communities

Edgar Gamba
Edgar Gamba: Cultural Broker - LatinX Communities

Flip Grey: Co-Director, Director, Community Access Initiatives

Dawn Peifer
Dawn Peifer: Blind/Vision Impaired Specialist

Jennifer Reese
Jennifer Reese: F2F Regional Coordinator – Northern VA 

Lisa Richard
Lisa Richard: F2F Regional Coordinator – Southwest VA and Rural Outreach Specialist

Donna Robel
Donna Robel: F2F of Virginia Regional Network Coordinator – Tidewater

Jill Rose: Videographer and Social Media Specialist

Irene Schmalz
Irene Schmalz: Deaf/Hard of Hearing Specialist

Renee Soniat
Renée Soniat: F2F Regional Coordinator – Central VA

Rebecca Stickler: F2F Regional Coordinator – Blue Ridge/Western VA

Angela West
Angela West: Multicultural Specialist

Dana Yarbrough: CFI Principal Investigator and Community Supports Specialist
(804) 828-0352


HELPLINE: (877) 567-1122

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