Stop what you are doing. Stop right now. And do something for yourself.

These are tumultuous times. Some days we get a horrific reminder that life can end or change drastically in the blink of an eye.

So drop everything and do something you love.

That list is never going to get completely checked off. In fact, make a new list just for you. Kids are back in school. Relative order is in the process of being restored. What do YOU need? Better yet, what do you WANT?


Coffee with a friend?

Coffee and a chocolate croissant with a friend?

Breakfast with a group of friends?

A walk or run without your children?

Or maybe go for a run with just one or two children?

Read a book?

Buy a book?

Go to the library and get boatload of books?

Take a lunch break and actually relax?

Eat lunch without having to get up 12 dozen times to get something for other people?

Go anywhere but the playground?

Take a nap?

Get a massage?

Try a yoga class?

Sit in silence?

You get my point. One day this week, take the biggest chunk out of the day possible and do something you love. Nothing kid related. Nothing errand related. No chores. No ordering of things children need from Amazon. Just get to know yourself for a little while. Regain composure after a summer of creating magical memories for your rugrats and a September filled with getting back into the school routine.

Then figure out what you need to do regularly to replenish yourself. Make a “you list” full of the things that keep you happy and healthy. Try to do at least one a day and turn it into a habit. Because you know what’s about to happen …

The school routine is getting into place, then the calls and emails start. Someone is noticing a troubling behavior. Or you’ll need to update an IEP. Or you realize all those accommodations in the IEP have been forgotten. The meetings will start. The paperwork will start. Then the teacher work days and stay home sick days and holidays will start and you will wonder when you’ll ever have a moment to yourself. Then you’ll blink, and summer will be here again.

So right now, before the back to school novelty wears off, do something for yourself, and create a ritual that you can practice in some way every single day.

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