We are well into the age of the internet where nasty Yelp reviews and Facebook rants rule.

We have every right to air our grievances and report wrongdoing. It needs to be done so poor treatment isn’t repeated. But it is so easy to get sucked into this cycle of negativity.

Why not change the dialogue once in a while? What if the next time you encounter a customer service person who goes above and beyond, you make sure their manager knows? How about we let transportation services know about that bus driver who goes the extra mile?

Our praise lets managers know who on their staff is getting it right and sets an example for others on staff. Sort of like that encouragement of positive behavior thing we’re supposed to do with our children.

Even better, it gets our mind out of the gutter and allows us to focus on the good we encounter rather than all of that bad.

I just sent the email below to a manager at my son’s speciality pharmacy. The manager has already responded saying this employee will be nominated for an award based on my email. I’ll take that over Yelp stars any day.

Dear Madam,

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how wonderful {your intake nurse} is.
My son and I were sent on a wild pharmacy goose chase to secure his infusion medication. We were given {your nurse}’s number after a tearful call with another pharmacy who failed to inform us that they would not be providing his medication because of insurance issues.
It was clear {your nurse} was genuinely concerned. She assured me she would do everything she could to help my son receive his this medication which prevents him from getting pneumonia because his little body cannot fight bugs off by itself.
She updated me often, even if it was to tell me there was nothing new but she was trying.
In 7 years of managing my son’s care, she has been the most thorough, caring, kind person I’ve encountered. Our insurance is changing yet again and I am so sad that I won’t have an advocate like her on the other end of the phone anymore.
Families calling in are lucky to have her on their cases. And I hope you know how lucky you are to have her on your team.
Warm regards,
Erin Croyle

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