Let’s be real, Father’s Day will likely always take a backseat to Mother’s Day. It will always be lumped in the “Dads and Grads” sections online and in stores.

Father’s Day has played second fiddle to Mother’s Day since its inception. There were some grass roots movements to celebrate fathers in 1908, right around the time the push for Mother’s Day started. Washington state officially observed Father’s Day in 1910. Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Calvin Coolidge encouraged states to honor their fathers over the years. But it didn’t get the official federal holiday status until President Richard Nixon signed off on it in 1972, nearly six decades after Mother’s Day.

All the more reason to give these amazing dads their due, no? So we asked around to find out what would the ideal Father’s Day looks like. Here’s what dads have to say!

“My ideal Father‘s Day is a simple day with my children. We will have some movie and game time together and share some great food. I don’t need to go anywhere, just to be home as a family and have fun together.”

“My ideal Father‘s day would be a day with the family and friends with other kids, hanging out a winery or a park on a sunny day playing with the kids.  I wouldn’t mind a great rock concert that the whole family would enjoy or a fun camping trip.  I’ve come to realize that the best way to celebrate is to do simple, fun things with the family.”

“What I want isn’t suitable to share in a family publication, if you know what I mean…”
“The perfect Father’s Day would be one without iPads and without travel.  It would be a block party, where other dads can relate and relax (with MOMS!) while the kids play in the yards.  It takes the village to raise the child, especially the child with a disability.”
“Father‘s Day?  Its not really different than any other day.  I would do nothing special – just washing the car, going for a drive – just doing something I enjoy. I suppose it would be idyllic if it weren’t 400 degrees outside.”
“Sleep in, make a pancake breakfast as a family, play wiffle ball, go for a walk in nature, take a nap, then have a pool party, be the Grill Master for our dinner, share cards and open child chosen or made presents, then have Strawberry Short Cake, and finally have a fire in the fire pit!”
Ideally i’d sleep past 9, have steak and eggs for breakfast and maybe dinner, hang out with the family all day, and hit a PR deadlift.”
“Doing a fun family-oriented outdoor activity together where we can be silly and enjoy each other.”
“Peace and quiet!”

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