The holidays are supposed to be a time for joy. Yet most of us are hanging on by a thread while we   make it magical for everyone else.

Stress is unavoidable this time of year. But that doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to relax. Do yourself a favor and try at least 3 of these over the next few weeks. Or share some of your destressing strategies in the comments!

  1. Plan ahead
  2. See a therapist
  3. Wrap gifts early
  4. Limit how many gifts you buy
  5. Buy prepared foods/sides
  6. Clean as you go rather than all at once
  7. Listen to your favorite music
  8. Gift the gift of not exchanging gifts with friends
  9. Volunteer to help those in need, perspective is powerful medicine
  10. Watch your favorite Christmas movie
  11. Binge watch the hallmark channel
  12. Go screen free for an afternoon
  13. Sleep in
  14. Plan days to explore with just your immediate family
  15. Escape for a massage on a weeknight (cheaper and easier to book)
  16. Spend the holidays at home
  17. Don’t put up all of your decorations
  18. Go for a hike
  19. After the gifts are open, donate some of your excess to charity
  20. Frozen appetizers for dinner! You can nosh and chat with minimal prep
  21. Curl up with a book and a hot cocoa
  22. Go for a brisk walk
  23. Practice deep breathing techniques
  24. Meditate
  25. Serve store-bought cookies
  26. Limit how many types of cookies you make
  27. Take a nap
  28. Switch to decaf
  29. Escape whenever you can find a moment, even if you have to make a ridiculous excuse
  30. If you think you should invite someone who rubs you the wrong way, just invite them for dessert
  31. Attend a worship service
  32. Let go of what you can’t do
  33. Just say no

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