Spring is in full swing, summer is on the way. It is the perfect time to get outside and explore!

Outings aren’t always easy, but our parks have simplified visiting them. Did you know if you have a disability – you can get a lifetime pass at National Parks and Virginia State Parks? Individuals holding these passes get free access to all affiliated parks, and so do friends and family traveling in the same vehicle.

Each institution requires minimal paperwork and can be done either by mail or at some of the parks themselves.

  • National Park “Access Pass” Show documentation of your disability and residency at a federal recreation site or send your application through the mail. Some families have reported that a park service official did not require a documentation, just meeting the family member with a disability and showing their I.D.


  • Virginia State Parks “Disability Passport” These are available at state parks if you have a disabled parking plate or placard. If you do not, you will need an official letter stating you have a disability, preferably from Social Security. Documentation from a doctor will also be considered. You can fax, email, or mail the letter along with a completed application or turn it in at a park.


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  1. If your child is under 18 and does not currently receive SSI, do you know what paperwork would need to be submitted in place of SSI documentation?

    1. Hi Allison. For National Parks, you just need proof of the disability. We simply introduced them to my son and they approved him. For Virginia State Parks, the representative I interviewed said you would just need evidence. A doctor’s note stating the disability or paperwork of a diagnosis should be sufficient. Or having a disabled placard.
      Does this help?

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