We all know the poem “Welcome to Holland.” As powerful as it is, we also know it’s not all tulips and windmills up in this life we lead. We love our children. Our lives are different. Oftentimes it is as inexplicably hard as it is beautiful.

When Thanksgiving rolls around and we’re with our friends and extended family, we’ll give thanks to those generic things everyone gives thanks for.

But let’s also take a moment to give thanks to all of those things only we can understand.

  • That general education teacher that tells you she wakes up and night with ideas about how to help your child.
  • The special education teacher who modifies your child’s work so they can actually participate.
  • The new medication that seems to be working.
  • A successful IEP meeting that got your child’s supports in place.
  • You slept more than 5 hours a couple nights this week.
  • Your not-so-little one tried a new food for the first time.
  • The bloodwork came back normal.
  • You and your spouse are getting along, and were able to have 2 date nights this year.
  • More nursing hours were approved.
  • Your IFSP fund application got accepted!
  • Your child finally got the DD Waiver!
  • You found an amazing specialist who takes your insurance.
  • You found a speech therapist who comes to your home and takes your insurance.
  • Medicaid approved a new wheelchair.
  • You were able to save enough for an accessible van.
  • Your adult child secured a job with amazing co-workers and proper supports.
  • Your 10-year-old is able to say, “I love you, Mom.” Either by sign, by communication device, by mouth, or with a look. We all know that look.

What else would you add to the list?


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