By Dana Yarbrough

Director, Center for Family Involvement

To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, we asked staff members at the Center for Family Involvement to share who they thought they would be as a parent, and who they are now. 

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I was raised to be an independent woman and a caretaker of family members.  Many of the women in my life outlived their male partners so examples of independence were everywhere.

As a child, I told my parents that I would not get married and that I wanted to be spayed so I could focus my life on being a ‘polar bear doctor.’

Fast forward 20 years and I am married, with a baby (Brooke), and I have swapped polar bears to dogs of all breeds who are clients of Brooke’s dog boarding business.

Here is Brooke as a 28 week preemie, a high school graduate and business owner.

And they said it wouldn’t happen….

I am still a caretaker. I am still independent. Brooke loves me for my quirky hairstyles, impromptu dance parties in every room of the house, and devotion to her having the best life she can imagine.

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Happy Mother’s Day!