Gratitude isn’t just for Thanksgiving. This December, the Center for Family Involvement is showing love for those UNSUNG HEROES in our lives.

Our blind/visual impairment specialist Dawn Peifer-Snow kicks off the series.

Graphic with black background that reads: Who is your... Unsung Hero Dawn's Story. Images of super hero with Center for Family Involvement Logo. The words "unsung hero" in comic book cloud with orange behind it. Bottom left are outlines of people high-fiving with 3 stars above. Bottom right is a picture of Dawn with a heart at the bottom of the photo.

“There have been many unsung heroes over the last 20 years. People who came into our lives and connected with us on a human level, who didn’t just do their jobs, but took extra time because they actually cared.

I think of the NICU nurse who pretty much delivered and then saved my daughter, who we still get together with every few years. I think of a pre-authorization nurse at our insurance company who jumped through hoops to help us get approval for out of state appointments and surgeries. I think of a caregiver that seemed to fall into our lives, who had a background in recreational therapy. She was able to provide the love, support and instruction my littles needed and then some! I think of a couple of teachers who have thrown their entire heart and soul into my children and ultimately become such good friends that they are now looked at as part of our extended family. Most of all I think of my mother who has been there every step of the way.”